Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Road Safety

Road safety at the school gate is of paramount importance. We really want our children to be safe when they are arriving at and leaving school. There are some unsafe behaviours that parents and caregivers currently exhibit, that are putting our children at risk. These need to stop.

Driving up and down the school driveway, often at speed. The school carpark only has capacity for staff vehicles; there are no spare carparks for parents. When parents come up the driveway they park illegally which makes turning for other vehicles difficult. Children cross the driveway as they walk around the cul-de-sac and may not see a car coming up or down the driveway. There have also been two cases in recent years where staff vehicles have been hit by parent cars trying to turn in narrow spaces. I know, mine was one of the cars.

Letting children stand or walk around the carpark when they are being collected from After School Care. Staff members reversing out of the carpark are not expecting there to be children walking through it to their vehicle. Staff members are concerned that they might hit a child that is not visible to them. Please make sure children are accompanied to their vehicle and board it promptly.

  Parking in the no stopping zones or on the orange lines.
The left hand side of Spey Place (as you are leaving the cul-de-sac) is a no stopping zone. When cars park on both sides of the street it makes it difficult for cars to drive through and turn. Please respect these signs.
Reversing into driveways to turn your vehicle. I get weekly reports from upset parents who say they have observed large vehicles reversing into driveways, while children are walking along the footpath. Please turn in the turning circle, that’s why the council have put orange lines and no stopping signs there.

Parking on the far side of the street and calling your child to cross the road. It is much safer if you accompany your child across the road. Can you really see if the road is clear when you are seated inside your vehicle?

Getting angry at other drivers.  I know that it can be very frustrating at times in busy traffic, but getting angry only puts our children at risk. Try parking 50 m further away and walking up to school. You might find it a lot less stressful.

Your feedback is always welcome. Email mark@papakowhai.school.nz

Kind regards

Mark Smith


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