Tuesday, 12 June 2012

National Support Staff Day

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Today is a national day for celebrating support staff. We are very lucky to have a fantastic team supporting the teachers and students at Papakowhai School. If you have a message of support you could leave a comment and I will pass it on.

Valerie Cook has worked in our office for many years. She tends to cuts and bumps, answers hundreds of phone calls, answers every question that could possibly be asked, and makes sure all the staff have all the supplies they need. Thank you Valerie.

Judy Munro is our lovely librarian. Judy’s love for books and reading is infectious. We are very fortunate to have someone so knowledgeable and passionate about reading working in our school.

Heather Turner is our Executive Officer. Heather looks after the school’s finances, payroll and administration. Heather is a real asset to our school and to a new principal!

Chris Crowe is our caretaker. Chris works tirelessly getting balls off roofs, looking after our pool and keeping our buildings and grounds in good condition. Contractors in our school say that this is the tidiest school they have ever worked in.

Diana Parker works as a teacher aide supporting students in Rata and supports staff with assessment. Diana is a teacher’s best friend when it comes to learning portfolio time.

Alison Flint works supporting students in Kauri block and with English language learners. Alison has also supported children participating in the mastermind challenge. Alison is always ready to take on new challenges.

Ann Apperley works with children who need a boost with their reading. Ann has worked for many years listening to reading and encouraging children.
Rachel Parker works supporting children in Rata. Rachel is a very patient and kind person who takes lots of extra care with children who need it most.

Judy Caradus works with students in Rata and Kauri and supports students at Technology. Judy is new to our teaching team and we enjoy the kindness and care she shows.

Molly Goh works with students in Rimu. Molly is speaks several languages and is a real asset to our school. Molly is great maker of resources and a champion laminator.

Susan Dixon is our After School Care supervisor. This is not strictly a support role but we acknowledge the great job she does supporting our families who are at work after 3pm.

Gary Ward is our new cleaner. He is fantastic. The children’s toilets at Papakowhai School have never smelt so good. That is no easy task!

Kind regards

Mark Smith

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