Thursday, 20 February 2014

Parent Teacher Interviews Term 1 2014

We are having parent/teacher meetings on March 3rd and 4th. School will finish at 2pm on these days, and interviews will start at 2.15pm. Each appointment is 15 minutes. Appointments to see the teachers will be done via a website.  It is a simple, accurate system. . Children in Years 5-8 are welcome to attend.
The log-in code is DGVTQ. To book:                               
·         enter your name
·         enter your email  address
·         select the number of children you are booking for
·         Enter the children’s name/s and select their class, then their teacher.
·         Select the interview times you want.

You will be sent an email confirming your booking details. You will control your bookings and can make them to suit you, though like any system the earlier you book the more likely you will get what you want.  Changing or cancelling your booking can be done at any time. The booking website will close at noon on Monday 3rd . If you are not able to make a booking online please phone the school office.
We would really like all our parents to come to this meeting.
Prior to the meeting you will receive:
·         A sheet showing how we expect your child to be tracking against National Standards based on their progress in 2013.
·         You will also be given a sheet of all your contact details which we would like you to check before the interview.
What do we need from you?
·         Complete a goal setting sheet that will be sent home next week and bring this to the interview.
·         We would like to know how your child is settling into school this year
·         We would like to know about how your child learns best and what their strengths and weaknesses are

·         We would like to know about your child’s personality and how we can work best with them at school. 

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