Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Road Safety 2

Two children were seriously injured in Auckland yesterday. One before school and one at 5pm. The 13 year old girl was struck on a pedestrian crossing at 8am the 9 year old boy was hit by a car at 5pm. We don’t want this for our children at Papakowhai School. What can we do?

Here is what the staff at school are doing:
  • Talking to children about road safety
  • Celebrating road safety with our annual walk/bike to the lagoon
  • Being on duty before and after school in Spey Place and at the dairy
  • Creating blog posts about road safety

Here is what most of our parents are doing:
  • Respecting the no stopping signs in Spey Place so that vehicles can easily enter and exit the street
  • Respecting that the carpark and driveway are for staff cars and deliveries only
  • Walking with children to school
  • Showing good manners to other drivers

Thank you!

Here is how you can help even more:
  •          Never open the school gate to let unaccompanied small children out into the street
  •          Travel slowly in Spey Place and Tweed Road
  •          You can set down passengers in the “no stopping area” but the driver must not leave the vehicle to let passengers out
  •          Park on Tweed Road, Yarrow Place or Cromarty Place and walk the rest of the journey
  •          Get your children to use a walking school bus. There is currently hardly anyone using the Tweed Road bus.
  •          Offer to “drive” a walking school bus
  •          Never sit in your vehicle and tell your children to cross the road.

This week I have been writing to councillors and regional councillors about a pedestrian crossing on Tweed Road and a bus service from Aotea to Papakowhai.

Do you have any other ideas about how we can keep our children safe arriving at Papakowhai School in the mornings and leaving in the afternoons? I would be pleased to hear from you.

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