Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Community Consultation

Dear Parents/Caregivers

The Board of Trustees is reviewing the Papakowhai School Strategic Plan. We want to receive feedback on our current plan and receive ideas to inform the planning for the next 3-5 years. Yesterday each family was been given a booklet that contained:

  • A survey form
  • The current strategic plan.
  • The 2012 achievement targets for the school
  • The 2011 National Standards data for Papakowhai School.
If you didn’t receive a booklet check with your child or his/her teacher. If you need a new booklet you can email me and I will send you one. We would like as many families as possible to complete the survey found on page 3 and 4. There are two ways to complete the survey:

We also want parents and caregivers to attend one of three focus groups to be held in the school staffroom. Bring a friend and meet some other parents from Papakowhai School. Supper or morning tea will be provided.

  • Wednesday 29th August 7pm – 9:30 pm
  • Thursday 30th August  9am – 12pm
  • Wednesday 5th of September 7pm – 9:30pm (Māori and Pasifika families)
All parents/caregivers are welcome to attend one or more of these groups. Please contact the Office by phone (233-8321) or email (office@papakowhai.school.nz) if you are able to attend.

 What would you talk about at a focus group? There are 6 questions we want to talk about.

1.       Does the vision statement still accurately reflect the aspirations of our community for our children?

2.       Are the values expressed in our plan a complete list and to what extent are they explored and modelled?

3.       Is the current set of goals clear and meaningful for our community and do they fully embody the principles of the New Zealand Curriculum?

4.       Is the current set of key targets within each goal promoting high standards for school governance, management, teaching and learning?

5.       Is the current strategic direction forward thinking and helping us to become the school that we want to be in 3 years’ time?

6.       Are the achievement goals for students at Papakowhai School promoting high standards and expectations for all students? Do the actions of our teachers reflect these goals for all students?

 I would really value people making time to be part of this process. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Mark Smith

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